2010 A Successful Year For Facebook SPAM Blocking?

OK the short answer is simple, Yes they did reduced the SPAM by almost 95% in 2010. You gotta give some credit to these dudes at the facebook spam. You know in the past the Facebook users used to receive those messages saying your favorite celebrity got this new action role in this blah blah blah..... those are the kind of messages they've been blocking quite efficiently.

What they did was quite simple. They just (ha sounds so easy doesn't it ;-) ) built and automated SPAM blocking system which automatically analyzes incoming messages and try to figure out whether they're SPAM, etc. Now this from the user perspective is much more better since these incoming messages are not only annoying but will eat some of your (+ the world's ) internet bandwidth as well.

So again well done FB hope you're going to be doing the same in the 2011!.  

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