Android 3.0 Brings Enhanced Interface for Tablet PCs!

It is a (actually now it's "was") known fact that the current version of the Android OS isn't optimized for Tablet PCs, etc. Now this is a major concern for the manufactures since if they want the Android OS within their mobile gadgets, then they'll have to improve it by themselves. But thanks to the Apple's iPad, Google has been "quietly" developing a Tablet PC optimized version which currently on a beta stage and available for the SDK developers.

So what is exactly it is different from the current version. Well as mentioned the main purpose is to make it ready for the Tablet PC type gadgets. So as a result they've updated the GUI interface dramatically.

*. As usual it comes with a Home screen but in it they've added some better looking (3D) gadgets, etc.

*. Adding elements or gadgets is pretty easy thanks to the plus button on the right upper corner.

Just drag and drop that app!...

*. The settings GUI windows has been changed which is now a dual column. From the left side it shows the default options, buttons and to the right is the sub settings...

*. Updated e-mail client, again with multi column interface.

*. Web browser interface is much more looking like the desktop version of the Chrome.

*. The multimedia player is also optimized for button-less tablets.

*. Have some nice notification and other system messaging system.

*. As always better multitasking abilities thanks to the enhanced user interface.

Now according to the beta testers it is still unclear when they'll going to ship this OS but we're already seeing some buzzy news such as the Motorola Xoom is going to ship with the all new Android 3.0. So let's see what the future brings for the new Android ....  

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