Android Device Battery Time Enhancer App - The SuperPower!

Not a huge fan of closed source software application me-self ;-) seriously I'm not!... That's why I love Opensource projects like Android OS for instance. Because when you have an opensource project and if you're a developer then you'll have the ability to sneak into the codes (that most of you - including me... don't know what heck those yukky codes are lol) and built ones or even enhance the ones already in the system.

This is another latest Android OS based (especially smart phones) application which free but use at your own RISK!. The application is called "superpower", what it basically does is it tries to control (errrrr) basic battery hungry applications + hardware devices such as CPU speed, RAM, Bluetooth, GPS, WiMAX, 2G/3G networks, etc thus making them less greedy for your batter energy.

Remember this is still in beta stage and needs the Android 1.6 version or higher to run. But for some of its functions to work (like Bluetooth ooh you surviving old bugger!) it needs to have the Android 2.2. But still it'll work with the 1.6 version with somewhat lessor features.

So if you want to download the app directly from the Android market then - Click here!

*. Read the original xda forum thread from here.

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