Audacity A Cross-Platform Free Audio Recorder and Editor!

If you want an excellent audio recorder, editor for Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc then Audacity is the answer. Sure there are a lot of other commercial ones available but the opensource, Free Audacity audio editor is one of the best (not just me saying but the "big-shot" dudes also agree on this ;-) ).

So you wanna be a DJ ha...
With it you'll be able to perform...

*. Record those old audio cassette into your CD's

*. Live recording to various formats

*. Fully supports editing Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF file types

*. Copy, paste or mix sounds together

*. Add different effects to your clips such as echo, reverse...

*. Pitch, volume level or speed settings changing

*. Does not support "noty" microsoft WMA or AAC, etc

*. If you want more features then simply download hundreds of plugins and embed it with ease!

Now these are just a few to point out. It has a very easy to use GUI and loads pretty fast also. So if you want to try it out then - Click here for the audacity download page.

*. By default the mp3 encoding in disabled. So if you want that feature (what the hell am I talking about!, of course you want mp3 :D ) then get it from here.

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