Copy Files More Faster Using TeraCopy Application for Windows!

The default file copy and paste utility in windows (especially in XP) does not provide you with any real useful options, other than that "cancel" button. Now with windows Vista and 7 Microsoft has introduced a GUI which shows the current speed but that's it.

There were these times I got into some real troubles with this over simplified GUI such as - this one time I started lots of file copying (simultaneously.. yikes!) and nearly got the PC to stuck, almost!. And sadly the only way that I had to stop it from crashing was to just cancel the copying files, etc.

Pretty Cool Right?...
Then I though what if I had a utility which lets us even pause and start the copying of files in real time, which would have been really great. So I went ahead and started searching for one, and that's how I found out about this great little tool called Teracopy.

It will...

*. Copy any file faster than the default windows built in software....

*. Have the ability to pause and resume the process ..

*. Support simultaneous file transferring processes ..

*. By default, just go ahead and paste multiple files and you'll see that rather than just starting them at the same time, Teracopy will add them to its list and will finish each, one by one (but if you're impatient dude like me, you can just start them simultaneously as well)

*. It even will try to copy multiple times those bad sectors that windows just fails....

So these are just few of the main functions. Now they have both a free and a pro version (with more added functions but still the free version is more than enough for most of us, thanks Teracopy dudes!). Wanna try it then... Click here to download it.

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