Enter The Ubuntu Natty Wallpaper Contest And Express Your Creativity!

The next major release of Ubuntu Linux is called the natty narwhal (ugly name btw, eeh) which is the version 11.04 if everything goes according to plan. Now to be used with that OS, Ubuntu design team has decided to start a little wallpaper contest called the natty wallpaper contest.

Oh you're already in aren't you! .... ;-)
So if you have a "thing" for photography, etc then this is your moment!. I mean think about it, what after entering the contest if they decided to put your digital photography with the Ubuntu desktop background section.. The fame and the respect that you can receive, it may not be as high as the sky but, I'm not the one who's telling you what to do or not to do but just think about it.

If interested in the contest and want to get more information such as how to register and submit your photographs, etc please visit this Ubuntu design team's web link.

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