Few Valentine's Day themes (personas) for Firefox!

Oh you lovers ahh. Since the valentine's day is approaching in the near future I though for all those guys and gurleys who're in love and want to "express" your selves (oh our "pure" young souls) in different ways how about dressing up your web browser! (which is more safer way btw ;-) ). So if you have Firefox and want to fill it with love, yep just click on the following link and just use your common sense.

Well Ok I'm going to write how you can install these personas for Firefox.

*. First go to the page (link below) and before installing them just move your mouse over the picture and it'll show a preview (by automatically applying it to your browser).

*. And when you find that one you like (not her man I mean the theme lol) just click on the button called "wear it".

Yep that's how you install a valentine's day theme or persona on your Firefox web browser.

Now as promised, oh I almost forgot, you can also use that big search box to the upper right corner to in that page to search for others or just use the category pages - click here for the persona page.

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