Free thousands of Widgets for your Blog!

Well when it comes to blogging there are two major categories such as, (ok you know what... I changed my mind - gonna focus on the subject from now on, sorry about that). So you have a blog and want to add very eye-candy 3D looking widgets to your site (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc) then there is a great web site called They have a lot and lots of free widgets for blogs which are added daily by enthusiasts all around the world.

From major widgets such as Feeds, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Slide shows, and if you have a blog about products, etc then you'll love the "rating widget", News, Calenders, Clocks, java-scripts, ... seriously they have more than I could write. But remember folks don't try to add too many as I suspect it will slow down your page loading times, etc.

Not just pre-built ones if you're a developer you can create (using their super user friendly GUI, etc) your widgets of your own!. So just go to the and start downloading them for FREE!

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