Geekbuddy - A Remote (Online) PC Diagnosing Service

Let's be honest guys and gals. Not everyone knows everything. Even if you know how to scan for a virus, clean temporary files, customize a bit here and there of your web browser, etc but still there could be threats or already having security issues or hardware problems in your PC that you just can't notice "thanks" to our not knowing (ya.. my mom used to say.. don't be proud of your ignorance! errrrrr ;-) ).

It's all virtual, like in the matrix! ;-)

Anyway someone has though that "heck we have internet connections, why not use an online live! PC security advising service". Yes that's exactly what people at do. Let's say you have some issues with your PC (virus guard refused to run ... or the web browser picks up some annoying popups, etc) and have an internet connection then simply sign up for 60 day free trial (no strings attached) and test their services.

They have trained computer technicians who after registering with them chat with you about your PC issues first and if cannot solve the issue there then they'll use a utility to enter to your PC (no worries - they come in highly recommended, even by the pcmagizine , they won't access your personal files..) live and do things such as virus removing, updating, printer setup, PC optimizations, troubleshooting, etc.

So why not give a try at them since you can save a lot of cost when trying the more conventional method of taking or hiring a someone "physically" (not the "other kind" just the PC technician ;-) ). To know more about their service click here to go to geekbuddy home page.

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