How to add a Google Web Page Translator Extension for Firefox

Why I wanted this web page translator for my Firefox browser!

The other day folks I was browsing the web and not the first time though but came upon few sites (which I loved at the end) that were really good but since I'm a Firefox addict had bit of a hard time going back and forth, copying the URL manually and putting it on Google and then click on that "Translate this page" link, repeat over and over again. Finally after some time I was really angry and decided to find an extension or plugin (whatever we call them these days) for my web browser.

Interestingly I had the Chrome web browser (see "had" meaning not anymore!) and whenever I came to a site which is not rendered in English it would just simply pop out a menu bar asking me, if I want to translate it into English. So I thought hmm pretty cool Chrome, gonna find one for my Firefox as well - I thought. And then I came upon with few different ones actually but kinda settled down for an extension called the gTranslate.

What after adding this addon does is, every time you end up on those "make no sense" websites and just simply select the web URL right click and you'll be promoted with a website translating menu. There you can choose and translate the site to whatever language you like (ha gotchya Chrome......)!.

So, click here for the gTranslate firefox extension link and I think you know how to install it already, don't you??. Hope this helps everybody.

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