How to Add The Status-Bar in Firefox4 Beta (7-9)

Now if you've read one of my previous posts about the firefox4 beta9 release then after posting that I went ahead and downloaded the never version. And I can't remember from which beta release they decided to "apply" this silly move to replace or to embed the old status bar with the URL bar on the top. So unless you have a larger LCD screen with high resolutions then whenever you point your mouse pointer at a URL  (commonly called as activity text) , shiz! sometimes it can be pretty frustrating not to see that full URL text.

So from a friendlessness point of view.... this is a worse decision (I don't know... maybe their CEO was drunk or whatever! - love your "old" browser btw guys, honestly). So I tried entering the settings, went up and down on the menus like a mad man but at the end, just got me-self exhausted.

But luckily I found the answer thanks to an addon for firefox4 called the Status4-Ever. So to be short and precise what does this do?...

*. It will let you get back that webpage loading status bar....

Yep ....
*. Also let you see where that URL would take you (since the status4-ever can be customized where ever you want these tools to appear, upper, lower, etc you can see the full URL as usual... ha what a bliss :D )..

Ah ha it also..... is .... there!

*. It also has a downloading bar which I did'n even have a look at because I kinda fell lazy and out of the question also.... ;-)

Yep that's about it. So if you want to know how to add or fix that old status bar and activity text on Firefox + then that's how you do it.

Click here to download the Status4-Ever add-on.

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