How to Add Youtube Videos to Blogger Posts (in Blogspot)

Adding youtube to your blogger posts can be achieved in two different ways. I will point out the both of those methods for you. Now before blogger introduced the video embedding feature it was a bit of a hassle to be honest but still sometimes I prefer the old method. But as general rules don't try to add too many video to your posts, like images they go slow down your page loading speed, etc. So try to keep things to a minimum (unless you're a video blogger).

1. Now, the easiest method is to used the built in function on blogger. Click "New Post" or go to the post you want to add the video. Then go to the exact place of the text or the place you want it to insert and click on that "Insert a video" icon (look below). Then choose "upload from youtube" from the left side.

Click on this Video icon on the post editor tool bar

From there you can search from your post editor select whatever the file you want to embed to the article text. When found the one you want, simply highlight it and click the "select" button, and that's it now you'll see the video is embedded into the post!.

2. Now the second method which is a bit hard but can be achieved the same task nonetheless.

*. Go to youtube again and search and find the file you want and play it. When it started to playing it, right click on the video area and choose "Copy embed html" and then come to your blogger post.

*. Now on the post editor ... click on the "Edit HTML" button and choose the exact location and simply right click and choose "pate". Now again click on the "Compose" button and you'll see that favorite celebrity of yours is lying on that post of yours ;-).

And if you want to change its height, width, etc then go back to the HTML code in the post editor and simply change values which are nearby to the "</object>" property (see the picture below).

Only change the numbers on the highlighted text close to </object>

OK that's how you add youtube videos in blogger posts.

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