How to Dasable Flash Player in Chromium Web Browser

Well to be honest, I'm not much of a Chromium (the original "Chrome") web browser fan but have to admit it that it is fast!. Not just loading web pages, etc but the browser itself loads faster than my Firefox (still love it though) but one of my complaints which I don't think they'll ever fix it since in my opinion they don't see it as a false or an error (errrrrrr), for some reason I just can't seems to accept that "fully" or over simplified GUI interface.

Anyway, kinda drag you all the way sorry about that and let's talk about how to disable that flash player in chromium (including chrome also). And don't worry once you disable this you can re-enable with ease also.

1. First load your browser and in the URL type or simply the following text -> about:plugins

2. And hit enter (no worries it won't take ya to a Trojan site :D ).

3. Then you'll be taken into the Chrome plug-in configuration window or GUI and our nasty boy called the "shockwave flash" sits right at the top of the list with other information below it such as version, blah blah ..  Look for it .... then....

4. Click the blue link which says "Disable"

Click to Enlarge!

Oh what a relief! congratulations mate, you've successfully disabled flash player in chromium (+ chrome).

*. To re enable it just follow the same steps only that time you'll see a blue button called "Enable" and click on it to Enable it.

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