How To Download Chrome Stable Offline Setup

Now I had my problems with the Chrome web browser in the past, I mean I still have them, like over simplified GUI, etc (heavily depends on the personal taste actually) but in comparison with the loading speed and web page loading time, etc I gotta say it is pretty cool actually. Now when you're trying to install Chrome you'll be given two main downloading options.

Well I mean, I kinda .... :(
1. The latest stable release (8.0.552.237 current version number)

2. The latest unstable release (yikes :( ).

I tried the second option few days ago (have a "thing" for the unstable stuff ;-) ) but even after downloading the setup, bugger simply refused to install and gave me an error. Then I decided to put away some of my enthusiasm and went for the stable release. Which installed and runs pretty damn well.

But the problem is that the default setup is based on an online installer which does not provide you with the setup if you want to install it later. So if you want to install it again then you'll have to re-download it. So then I searched for the Chrome stable offline setup but trust me, it wasn't that easy to find.

The offline standalone setup that Google gives you is the latest beta release so it won't be as stable as the 8.0 + version. So I did some real search and actually found the stable offline setup (yupeee ;-) ).

So all you dudes and dudes out there - Click here for the offline downloading link (the link is a one, so it is pretty safe from all those nerdy viruses, etc, so no worries).

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