How To Save KMplyer's Settings to a Single File

Now ya all know that I'm a huge fan of KMPlayer. Now let's say that you did a lot of customization to player such as enhancing videos, adding few audio effects, changing brightness, etc but let's for some reason you had to uninstall it or had to completely install the whole OS, then you'll have to customize all that changed settings all over again ... but

Thanks to its built in import and export settings you can easily save all the customized kmplayer settings to a single file which can later be loaded thus applying all that customized within seconds!. So how to do it??.

1. Open the KMPlayer.

2. Press the "F2" button on your keyboard or right-click and choose "Options" - > "Preference"

3. And from the Preference window look at the 4 buttons in the lower end of the GUI (look at the screenshot below) and click o the "Export Presets" button.

Click on that "Export Presets" button...

4. Choose a desired name and a location then click "Save".

Yep that's how you save all customized settings of the KMPlayer to a single file. Now if you want to restore these settings then,

*. Look at the exported file

*. Double click on it and click the "Yes" button to the next message. That's it.


Dušan Haško said...

But it does NOT WORK... KM PLAYER IS THE BEST, but every time I insall new version IT DELETES PREVIOUS SETTING

Gayan said...

Hi 'Dusan',

First of all, sorry about the late response.

As mentioned in the article, first you have to 'Save' those settings somewhere into your HDD.

Then, once you install a new version or update ... if it deletes the previously saved presets, then you can manually locate the saved preset and load it.

YotaruVegeta said...

As far as I can tell, the latest version of KMP did not erase my settings, but I found this article and backed up my settings just in case.

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