How to Use GreaseMonkey Addon for adding Emoticons in Blogspot posts!

Well, blogging is a great way to express yourself (without ever having to show your face also ;-) oooh gotta love the internet) so adding emotions within your posts is a great way to get close to your readers as well. And with recent improvements now Wordpress support Emoticons by default but still Google haven't said anything about it. But no need to worry folks if you really gotta have it, you're in luck today my friend. There is actually a way to add Emoticons within your blogspot posts (yupeeeeeee).

Now I assume that you use the Firefox web browser and have already installed it. If so follow the below procedure...

1. Now its time for you to download and install this addon for firefox called the GreaseMonkey (click on the blue text).

2. Then restart your web browser and click here to install the Emoticon script (it's ok, its safe - no kidding here).

That's it. From now on when you use the blogger post editor you'll see a bar of emoticons on the tool section and whenever you want to insert one simply click on the one you want and you're done!.

So that's how you can add emoticons in blogspot posts folks. Hope this did have some value in it. See ya!


Stephy said...

Hi, I have followed your instructions. however, I still can't see the list of emotions in my Compose (in my blogger). What should I do? Thanks.

Gayan said...


Sorry to hear that. However it only works with the "old" post editor in blogger. So if you're using the "updated" version then you have to switch to "old" post editor, I just did that and it worked!.

If you don't know how to use the "old post editor" then follow the below method.

Log-in to blogger account and then choose your blog and click on "settings" then scroll down (at the bottom actually) until you see a sub heading that says "select post editor" and choose "Old Editor" and save your settings.

Now you should have the emoticons working!. But please be aware that you may be missing few features in the "Old editor" but in my personal opinion it's as good as the new one is anyhow. Hope this was helpful :)...

Gayan said...


Update: It's actually "settings" - > "basic" tab to be precise since there are a lot of other options under settings.

Oh and btw... nice blog you have there :)... lol

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