Is Chrome Web Browser Better Optimized for Ad-sense?

Strangest thing! but when I was browsing some of my sites this has happened to me not once, twice but many times. The adsense ads that show up on my site when I browse it using Firefox browser are a bit different from the ones that show when using the Chrome. Then again as advertisers and their bidding changes there are always fluctuations but I've seen this happening way over and think it's fair enough to ask the above question.

Also I have usually 300x250 add below title and below the post using different channel settings and again when using firefox sometimes the the 8 ads that show (4 for each 300x250 unit) are very similar or they both shows the the same ads. But when browsing the same URL with the Chrome web browser the ads seems to have better variations.

Now this may be due to some sort of java script code scramble on my firefox but then I reinstalled both java and firefox but things didn't change much to doubt that. Anyway, if anyone reads this post and have had similar issues, come on don't be lazy now, put some comments. Let's get social (yikes) and talk about it.

Nonetheless as publishers if the Chrome is going to dominate the web browser market "we" (love ya all readers too ....) will benefit from this. So by introducing the Chrome can't it be Google trying to "optimize" and control the web the way they want??? now that according to my "genius" brain is an important question. Or is it not? what you guys think??.

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