The Lightweight Desktop For Linux Xfce 4.8 Is Finally Out!

If you read one of my last posts about the xubuntu 11.04 alpha release, the you're aware that the xubuntu team has already begun integrating the latest version of the Xfce 4.8 into the upcoming 11.04 release. Now they took their time alright on releasing this long awaited release but have some major updates as well.

Things such as...

*. Enhanced Remote Desktop support via SFTP, SMB, FTP, etc are updated

*. Older features such as ThunarVFS, HAL, udev, etc are dropped (well portions of them of course).

*. Complete re-written application panel

*. New menu plugin

*. Enhanced settings editor

Now these are just the main one but other things like new wallpapers, look n feel, etc are also embedded. If you want to try it out then the best way will be using a Linux distro that currently ships it or upgrading from the older one rather than getting the source code to build it from the scratch.

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