The New Motorola XOOM (Specifications) - Ready to Take on the Ipad!

Before giving you the new Motorola Xoom hardware specifications let me say this, I like their approach. The reason is simple actually the aren't trying to create something exactly look alike the iPad and hoping it'll dominate the market. Instead they with the Xoom tablet PC seems to concentrate on the weaker points or where iPad is missing. Aaah an intelligent opponent!. Anyway enough for the boring stuff below are the hardware details....

*. Multi touch 10.1 Screen with 1280x800 resolution.

*. Dual cam (front -2MP one for you Skype abusers ;-) ) and with a back camera of 5MPX (mega pixels), 720p HD video capturing, auto focus, geo tagging, etc.

*. Featuring the Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor (1Ghz). The package also include a GPU which with the help of the mobile processor will be able to play 1080p videos with ease. And also the GPU features enhanced 3D graphics + low power usages, etc as well.

*. Android 3.0 is the Default operating system. So the users will be given a wide range of third party applications (both free and paid) which in my opinion - the android market is cheaper and better than the iPad.

Ooh can't wait to get my hands on......

*. Adobe 10.1 player support, accelerometer and gyroscope are all included.

*. 1 GB of RAM.

*. Wi-Fi and 3G.

*. Bluetooth 2.1

*. Standard stereo speaker outputs.

*. USB 2.0 ports.

*. 32GB internal storage (SSD drive).

*. Facebook, Twitter and all other "weird" social sites (just kidding no disrespect :D ) + e-mail, chatting features.

*. GPS and A-GPS navigation.

*. HDMI 1.4 version.

No need to tell when it comes to playing music and videos on the tablet PC it simply will (well it better should!) rock thanks to the mammoth CPU and the mobile GPU. So it's not cleaner when the new Motorola Xoom with the android 3.0 will be released but it will be interesting nonetheless!.

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