StatCounter Released a Gorgeous Looking Beta Interface!

When trying to choose a web site traffic analyzer for your blog, etc then I'm pretty sure almost everyone is heard of Google analytics. It's a great service offered by Google and heck it's Free!. But in my honest opinion if you're a newbie to blogging, etc then analytics is not the best and easy to use wet traffic analyzer that you can use.

I mean it has all the features and even more advanced other paid or premium services give you... but in a new user point of view I don't like the default interface. It is really complicated and not that easy to understand. But stat-counter on the other hand is also a free web site traffic analyzer which is very user friendly and has a better way of presenting information for the users (ease to understand).

For instance when it comes to giving daily details such as the keyword and their origin + the destination of the users that come into your site,etc... it does a far better job thanks to its simplicity. Starting with things like graphic bars, text only version (which I love), visitor entering and exit links, literally anything Google's traffic analyzer can do the statcounter can do the same job in a much easy to understand language.

And they've been testing a beta version of the great free application, which is still in the beta stage but now you can try it. And for those of you who've been using it for sometime, will easily notice the re-fabricated 3D looking GUI which is in my opinion is better than the current default one. The colors, menus and their arrangements, icons (which plays a huge role in the user friendless in any software programs) are re-newed.

User-friendly colors!

Better Icon integration when comparing with the "older" GUI 

If you don't have a statcounter account then register for one (link at the end of the post) and if you already have one you can use the same login details to enter the new beta GUI interface. Remember it is still in beta testing so if you don't like this or that, etc then make sure to give your feedback to them also.

Click here for the beta statcounter homepage.

*. This is just a GUI improvement (yet) so you don't have to change your current "script" when switching between the versions.

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