Tips To Fix Some Common Winrar CRC Header Corruption Extraction Errors!

Sometime ago I downloaded few files which at the end has to be extracted to get the complete output file. Now as most of you know there are a lots of file splitting software applications available but Winrar is one of the most commonly used one. But when trying to extract those files (well merging to be precise) Winrar file archive manager gave me an error (errrrrrrrrr).

I really creped out I mean I kinda panicked :(, think about it, I don't have the world fastest internet connection and after spending several hours downloading them HUGE files at the end the bugger refused to extract!. But luckily for me I found a way to fix it.

Remember though this method will only be able to fix (hopefully!) only header corrupted errors commonly knows as the CRC (cyclic redundancy check - don't know what that mean myself, don't be so hard on yourselves now ;-) errors. So how can you do it ?, well .....

1. Open the corrupted zipped file through Winrar

2. Click "Extract to"

3. From the left side section, click on the command that says "keep broken files" (look the below screenshot)

Make sure to put that tick on that "keep broken files" command!

4. Then click "OK".

Now remember, if you have multiple files that has to be joined then sometimes this will help but won't work all the time. And sometimes even if you have a single zipped file (with a single video zipped for instance) this again won't help all the time but has helped me a lot.

So no big hopes but let's admit, after trying so many times you're angry and frustrated.... and either way you've got nothing to lose!. So why not give it a go.

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