Ubuntu Is Going To Drift Towards LibreOffice Starting From The 11.04!

Oracle bought Sun (not the physical one out in the space I mean the other one... ;-) ) and that triggers alarms if you're an opensource fan. Yep let's face it, that's the truth. So what is LibreOffice actually?, Well according to some experts at hothardware, sometime ago there was a project called Go-oo which was a derivation of the openoffice.

Yep!, they both look alike a LOT...

But even at that time Sun refused take some of their suggestions and ideas (errrrr) so they it slowly vanished.... almost!. But again thanks to Sun's decision to sell themselves to Oracle, now slowly but steadily developers are giving some real love to the Go-oo project, since LibreOffice is a fork of this mother project.

Now its apparent why the Canonical decided to make this decision, they simply want a software platform that is powered by community rather than few chosen, since it can have some negative effect on their domination in the GNU OS world .... ok think that's too much of me to speak ;(.

Anyway with the alpha 1 release of the Ubuntu 11.04 the default office package is not LibreOffice. So by bye openoffice (thank you brother) and lets get this Libre thing get going!.

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