Ubuntu Linux and Google Finally Released a Font of their own!

When it comes to web fonts both Ubuntu and Google aren't new in fact google has one of the best font API technologies of their own. Anyway according to the canonical corporation have decided to "work together" (hmm interesting ... let's see what they're up to Microsoft be worried!) and release these new web-fonts through both google font directory and ubuntu home page it self and these fonts are the ones that are introduced with the latest ubuntu release called the 10.10.

Yep as usual these are free and can be customized with according to the user needs (I'm not just talking about changing the sizes dudes/dudees ;-)) they have an open-source license. And according to their "speakers" this is an attempt to fix some of these font issues that have occurred "thanks" to the web browser wars such as Chrome, IE (yikes), Firefox and Safari, etc and most importantly it is supposed to enhance translations as well.

Seriously They are much nicer than they look here! Click to enlarge

OK, now I know your next questions.

1. How do I get it (ha was right wasn't I?!). Now before installing make sure to read the below tips (no disrespect guys but there are still people who are new to this)

Well it is pretty easy actually.

*. Now first click on the next link  and go to that site.

*. And then under the button called "Sorting" move your mouse over it and select "Alphabet"

*. Then scroll down like crazy since "ubuntu" font family should be near the bottom. ( a bit of an anomaly isn't it - way below in the Alphabet but way up in the, in fact Ubuntu is currently the number 1 linux distro!)

*. Now after finding that then simply click on it which will bring you to a new page in which you can choose things like "character set", "info", etc but unless you want to develop it (in a programmer point of view) simply click on that biggie banner called "Use this font" and the it will further advice you on how to install these new ubuntu fonts on your web site.

That's it - hope I was able to not to let you fall asleep while reading this boring post :D.

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