Use alternative ways to download Ubuntu Linux 10.10

Well you really can't blame the Ubuntu developers nor those system admins for this issue. I don't know if everyone is having this but for me... I was trying to download ubuntu 10.10 few days ago from their home page links the download started pretty good (speed and all that) but even from the beginning the IDM (internet download manager - please don't ask for the pirate torrent link ;-) ) manager, I did notice that you know that feeling the something isn't quite right. And when it reached the around 40-50% mark things started to look really band and the downloading speeds were way up and the next second way down.

So then thank to my genius brain I stopped it several times and resumed it which was fine until the 3-4 th time I tried it and suddenly it froze (oh man - put that FB angry dude here). I tried everything guys (well things that I'm aware of anyway), went to their site and manually copied another link from the Ubuntu linux homepage and insert it into the IDM downloading URL, but nothing worked, nada!.

So then I went for the other option which is laid out in the section (or the tab) called "alterative downloads" in which is it presents you a lots of different options. And from that window choose your preferred .iso file. But whenever you're in doubt just use the below download link and when download is done open it with your torrent manager utility to start download. And yes it takes few minutes (1-2 at most usually within 40-50 seconds - be patient people!) get to that faster speeds but once reached the "woobles" are minimum. So hope this helps.

Click here for the torrent link (remember this is the standard 32-bit version, if you have AMD/Intel 64-bit and want the 64-bit please look just below at this page).

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