What is Roboform Password Manager and how to use it with Linux!

Well I'm not going to be writing a long review about Roboform (which I love BTW) but will brief it in my own way. First of all if you don't have these needs please don't read this post since it will be useless for you (you'd better off with a youtube video :D ), and those needs are, if you would like to simply forget all those passwords that you have to remember such as the e-mail login, facebook (I mean all those other accounts that you use for scams, etc - just  kidding), forums, social bookmarking sites, etc then I don't know about you guys I surely need a password manager.

Another benefit of having an online password keeper is that you can create different passwords for each login rather than using the general formula of mybirthdate + 123, mybirthdate + abc (oh come on don't judge me now) and some of these tools even generate passwords that are in comparison with what we "make" are far better concerning security against hackers, etc.

Robofoam is a such a password manager which stores and fills your passwords with ease. For instance after installing it let's say that you created an e-mail message and when entering the user name and the password Roboform will ask you to let it keep it.

So go ahead and let it and then the cool thing is that later when you need to login to check those e-mails of yours simply click on the notification area of your task bar (where it has a smaller icon for ease of access) and select the login (you can change things like the name for it, etc btw) and not only it'll open the browser for you but will take you directly to the login by inserting the URL all by itself + your password and user name.

It has a built in "toolbar" for all the major web browsers such as Chrome (great but I'm telling you guys - too simple man the GUI yuk), Firefox (oh ya), Opera (hmm) and Apple Safari (certainly not the world's fastest browser). So when you open your web browser then you'll see a tool bar which has menus such as "Logins", "Save", "Safenotes", "bookmarks", etc. So I'm not going to tell you how to use Roboform since if I can do it you can most certainly! (made you feel better didn't I??).

Shiz what about linux you may ask. And yes unfortunately they don't have a setup file for Linux but since they have an online password backup system which let's access your login details no matter where you are or saves that faceebook login even after the bail out of your HDD!. And someone has built (which is approved by the roboform inc) a nice extension for Chrome (not sure if they have a one for firefox yet) which works without the default offline installer.

So all you have to do is just register on their site for an online password backup account and then install Chrome browser (links at below don't panic!) and then download the cool chrome extension (which also works fine with Chromium also) on your Linux distro and the extension will create a toolbar at the top of your Chrome browser and in within the toolbar login to the roboform site and it'll automatically sync all your login details through the browser and Yupeeee now you can use the Roboform even without the MS Windows!.

And that how ladies and gents you use Roboform on Linux!.

1. So as promised click here for chrome download page for linux (Currently supported only for Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE).

2. Now after you've finished the download and installed the browser come to this page again and click here for the roboform extension for roboform. And I'm pretty sure you can handle the rest!. Apart from all those silly jokes guys I really hope this helps!.

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