Canonical Issues Ubuntu Linux Certified Device List

To show you the power and influence that Canonical (the company that controls Ubuntu Linux) ... just type "linux" in Google and see what happens. What comes first is the Ubuntu home page which was few years ago simply wasn't there!. Over the years they have built up their empire quite rapidly and have been sneaking into the mobile market as well.

Anyway few days (or maybe hours don't really know) they released a full list of Ubuntu certified hardware list which can be accessed from this hardware component catalog page. The list includes devices from Intel, Ati, Nvidia... , etc or in the hardware category has a nice list of USB, Video, ScSi, DVD drives, etc. 

When looking at the list ... it again resembles the dominance of Ubuntu. So the point is even though thanks to the world wide developers Linux in general supports a hell lot of hardware devices out of the box but let's say you're considering buying a laptop or a Tablet PC to be used with Ubuntu or linux in general then browsing the list and find one for you might come in handy since a hardware optimized OS can have several benefits such as enhanced batter life, faster application loading times, etc.

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