ChaCha & Salsa, Latest Facebook Phone from HTC!

First it was the Inq who said that they're gonna release Facebook phones of their own. Now the latest news is that HTC has announced Facebook phones of their own called ChaCha and Salsa. Obviously they both run Android 2.3 version and have physical keyboards.

It's not just the keyboard but they've also integrated hardware with the social networks as well. For instance it has a dedicated button for login to FB. Other things like live updates of what you're friends are up to, news feed back, share photographs are also there.

The the phones looks a lot alike the Blackberries to be honest and the slightly curved body might help while typing or is it not??. Anyway the screen is a 2.5 Inch one with 480x320 resolution (the ChaCha model).

Tthe Salsa on the other hand looks bigger in comparison, has a 3.4 inch screen with the same 480x320 resolution. So the ChaCha should have better looking pictures (slightly). They both come with 5 MP cameras as well.

Source: this pcmag mobile congress htc news article.

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