Christchurch Earthquake New Zealand... Few Updated Details

Monday, February 21, 2011 at 23:51:43 UTC in Christchurch (New Zealand) an earthquake took place. Still there aren't any official updates on how many dead, etc but a rescue operation is still ongoing.

The magnitude is 6.3 according to us earthquake hazard program. A large number of people are being pulled out of buildings thanks to rescue workers.

The government recommends that ...

*. To minimize the telecommunication breakdown, etc... try to use SMS messages for calling your friends and family whenever possible.

*. 900 People are registered in welfare centers.

*. 75 fatalities and 55 identities have been confirmed and 20 remain unconfirmed.

*. For requests such as missing persons please use the following number - 0800 733 276 (0800 RED CROSS) or go to this official new Zealand government web page for more information.

For travelers..

*. The Christchurch airport is open. Delayed are expected but still both local and international airlines are operating. Before going directly to the airport, recommends that you go directly to your travel agent or the air-line.

*. All highways are open expect Lyttelton Tunnel and State Highway 74 (which are closed between Anzac Bridge between Wainoni and New Brighton Road).

Rail Status...

Trains are moving south of Ashburton and able to move north of Rangiora to Picton.

If you have purchased vehicles please contact your vehicle owners.

*. My condolences for all that you have lost as a nation and I sincerely hope that you recover from this horrible incident with minimal difficulties.

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