Chrome Beta Just Got Faster (CPU Loads can be as low as 80%)!

Well Mozilla is preparing their next major update called the Firefox4 but the Google chrome team is also working really hard by making the already light and fast Chrome web browser to more and more efficient!. The latest new according to their official blog post is that the current beta version (10.0.648.82 ) of the Chrome browser holds significantly faster ....

*. Java script application run times (using the V8) are being recorded to be as high as 65% faster according to current V8 benchmark suite tests.

*. If you have a never GPU's then the Chrome browser make sure to use the GPU for rendering online videos (both HD and soft definitions) thus reducing the load an the CPU up to 80%!. If you have tablets or laptops this means better battery power preserving.

*. Password synchronizing across multiple computers (including your bookmarks and themes or addons, etc) can be done with both easily and with enhanced security thanks to the availability of encrypting which can be accessed via "personal stuff" section of the web browser.

*. Now when you trying to access the "options" rather than opening it on a new window this version of the browser is going to give you the same window on a new "tab". And if you can't remember where a specific setting is located then you can "search" within that window for "options" which is pretty cool.

Now these are the main ones I found via reading their blog post but the rest assured...  in 2011 the Chrome web browser is going to have the time of its life without a doubt!.

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