Gnome Version 3 Official Web Site Is Live!

Gnome is the official desktop of GNU operating system widely known as Linux. Since they first released Gnome has come a long long way. Thanks to the dedicated fighting ;-) developers it has survived and is one of the major desktop choices among users.

It's different!... ya you bet ;-)

Now their next big release which is called the Gnome version 3 has major updates. It's not just creating a new theme.... according to the developers they have included major updates to the desktop thus simplifying the way experience of the user.

For instance, when you create a virtual desktop and if you don't use it for some period then for the sake of saving some resources, etc then Gnome 3 will make the intelligent decision of closing it down.

Instant messaging has taken a nice hit too. You can easily reply for the incoming messages via notification area is one example.

Easy access to system settings is another enhancement that will come in handy. With just using a push of a keyboard button will bring you a neatly "assembled" control-panel.

Even though I'm not much of a fan of "cool" graphics but if you have a powerful GPU then the Desktop will "show off" herself as well. The application compatibility is also retained. So all the apps that run under current or older Gnome desktops will run under Gnome 3.

Another cool features is the introduction of Dash. A left side panel which shows all the running applications which gives us a quicker access to them when needed.

What the heck it that! ;-)...

Other things such as better power management and various other improvements (including individual applications such as Nautilus, Gimp, Totem, etc) are included in the upcoming version. So I'm really excited and already waiting nervously until they get it out!.

Go to this official gnome 3 web page for more.

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