How to Enhance Audio Quality in Kmplayer

If you've read my previous posts then I'm pretty sure you all are aware that I am a bit of a Kmplayer addict ;-). Although some of my friends don't like it ... according to them it tends to hung-up under rough conditions (which is true - part of it) but when considered its features and the "look" I just love it.

So if you're ready then let me tell you few of the audio settings inside the Kmplayer's settings section that can enhance the output audio quality.

How to use it to boost some of the audio levels

*. First open the Kmplayer and then simply press the "F2" button on your keyboard.

*. Then from the window Click on the smaller looking box with a triangle and from the expanded menu to the beginning of "Audio Processing"  option.

*. From the expanded menu choose "compressor/Normalizer/etc".

Now then you'll be greeted with a another little windows. In that under the blue label which says "Automatic Volume Control (normalizer)" you'll see an "enable" option (see the screenshot below). Click on it and active it. Below that under "Gain" set the value according to your preference.

But be aware that if you put a lot of "gain" then sometimes it can create distract noises... so my personal choice is about "91".

Enhance the Boost

You can use the kmplayer to boost some of the audios as well. To do that...

*. Again use the above steps come to the "Automatic Volume Control (normalizer)" window.

*. Now at the bottom of that windows you'll see a sub heading called ETC (in blue color).

*. Under that click on the "true bass" to activate it and again you should experiment.. but my choice is about setting it to 139.

*. Now then click on the "treble enhance" and change its value to "62". (have a look at the "blue" market areas in the above screenshot).

These settings won't give you like super quality outputs but I do feel a little quality improvements through my nose (no I meant my ears ... kidding ;-) ). As usual just don't be afraid and experiment.. I ain't the one who's gonna tell you what to do right?.

But if anything bad happens just use the "Default" button under each of those settings which will take you back to the original values.


Anonymous said...

Good tutorial and keep up uploading such small tutorials about other softwares also I like it man!!
It just made my hall print audio like a Good real and original Movie!!

Gayan said...


I will dude... thanks for the encouragement :)

Imesh Lihinikaduarachchi said...

good stuff machan, keep up the good work (y)

Gayan said...


Thank you. I'm actually not maintaining this blog anymore. You can find my latest articles through my WordPress site:

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