NEC Decided To Release Android Tablets With Physical Keyboards

As with phones Tablets too lack a physical keyboard. Although most will say they like touchscreen based keyboards over physical ones but interestingly according to their own words (which are obviously based on research).. there is a demand in Japan for Tablets with real keyboards.

In their own words ...

Our surveys show there are a lot of consumers who want a PC-like device that has a keyboard and that boots up without any wait time

But he did admit that the market won't be like super selling one like the iPad, etc but he said "it will sell". One thing is really clear the market for Tablets are increasing like crazy. On the other hand (incoming an opinion... if you can't stand those then better close the window ;-) ) if you're smart and cunning you can "create" a requirement which is actually not a necessity but a foam of manipulated desire which is kinda a philosophy that marketers use I guess.  

So let's hope that NEC comes up with an Android tablet that boots like crazy + a unique physical keyboard which outperform the conventional one.

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