PCPro Magazine Is Switching to Ubuntu!

PCPro is an UK based computer tech news, help type very popular magazine. Now for several years they've been talking how good Ubuntu is in comparison with Windows, etc, etc but they've never run their online magazine using Linux servers.

Do it!...

Now in a recent news article they said that for a one day (tomorrow starting with 8 am) they're gonna run everything on Ubuntu!. So in their own words, all the mails, articles, graphics, etc that you receive through them tomorrow will be created using Opensource software.

But their design team uses Adobe software suite and they will be using the same suit under windows (errr) since Adobe haven't released one yet for Linux (oh so its their fault right right ;-) ). Anyway it should be interesting and  I do admire their courage not to just write about Linux but having some ba**s to use it for real as well.

So if you wanna know more about this PCPro magazine's "adventure" then go to this pcpro running ubuntu for a day post.

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