Pre-Register for Fhe Kyocera Echo World's First Dual-Screen Android Phone

Yep... few days ago Sprint released the world's first dual-screen android phone called the Kyocera Echo. Although I'm not gonna talk much about the hardware now but the rest assured.. it is impressive!.

You know, if you want a tablet instead of a smart phone then just combine the dual screens and then you got a tablet (slightly smaller looking screen though 4.7 inch 900x800 resolution).

It comes with the android 2.2 preloaded and does not have the becoming popular dual-core feature (powered by a 1GHz single core) ... but with 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 5MP camera... it may not be the most fully featured android smart phone for all ya game "lovers" but gotta say the price tag of $199.99 is pretty impressive!.

So as said now you can register with them and when it hits the market in the Spring this year (with a 2 year contract from Sprint.. not bad for a $199 actually) they'll give you one (gotta pay first though ;-).

So wanna preregister it then go to this spirnt's Kyocera echo purchase page.

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