Steve Jobs at Age 23 Ready for the First TV Appearance (Video)

Don't think anyone needs an introduction to who Steve Jobs is, to make a long story short, few years ago he was the man who was born out of an Apple iPad ;-). Just kidding, seriously if you really need to know how and this and that about him please read this steve jobs wikipedia (gotta say its long and painful!).

Now the man has no problem with facing a crowd in front of a camera right?. Well sure doesn't have any issue now but did you know he was scared scared shitless when facing his first ever tv appearance at the age of 23!. He even said these words 

"You need to tell me where the restroom is too because I'm deathly ill actually and ready to throw up at any moment, so..."
Yup you just gotta watch it to believe it. So below it it ... have fun :D. 

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