Ubuntu And Bunshee Still Confused About the Amazon Affliate Revenue Share

To bet honest it is a bit of a shame. I mean... I like Microsoft OS (still use it) but I don't like their approach. You know.. trying to destroy anyone that's on "their" way. I used the think that this is something unique to them only. But .. to put it into simple terms, fear and greed can make you look funny man.

Here's the thing. Banshee (a Gnome music player - not the only one though ;-) ) has a built in Amazon store section through where you can purchase music directly from Amazon. So whenever you make purchases through that they get a commission (Gnome).

Amazon store logo in Bunshee

It's not like they're making millions with it but in last month they made like $3000-3100. Now Canonical ... the company which is behind the Ubuntu Linux distro says that it needs 75% of that Amazon sales Bunshee makes. I honestly don't think Canonical has $$ issues when considering the fact that they receive a lot of traffic + have professional linux support for which the users have to pay, etc.

So the point here is that it is okay for them to feel the need of wanting some portion of that money. But something like 75% seems a bit "wrong" in my opinion. Conflict is not something that linux need at this moment where it is really gaining some momentum.

Ubuntu... "Linux for human beings" remember?

Life is really funny actually. Sometimes we forget the things that brought us here at the first place. Ubuntu or Canonical used to be very "friendly".. but don't what it is that seems to be turning them into real *ss*oles but as they expand their domination they have a lot to protect. But when you have a lot to care for, if you're not sensitive and intelligent and most importantly "Kind" it can make you look real stupid. There I said it.

Hope they get over this and hopefully it'll be solved soon (it is actually read this banshee vs ubuntu article for more)

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