Viewsonic Viewpad 7, Another Android Powered Tablet!

Android tablets are everywhere these days. Motorola announced their latest called the xoom. And Android recently released the (well still only for developers) 3.0 version which is optimized for tablets. Anyway the name viewsonic is actually quite familiar as a PC monitor/LCD manufacture. They've decided to create a Android powered tablet of their own called the Viewpad 7.

To be short and sweet to the point ;-).. here are the main hardware details...

*. Uses the older version of Android 2.3 or earlier (but remember as said the version 3.0 is optimized for tablets, so as soon as it hits the market they'll let you upgrade... so be patient).

*. AT&T and the T-Mobile provide the deals.

*. 7 Inch touch screen.

*. 512MB.

*. 800x400 resolution.

*. Wi-Fi, 3G, Blue-tooth and the GPS is available.

*. Battery life of 4-6 hours under heavy loads.

*. Low quality cameras - 0.3 Megapixel on the front and 3MPX on back.

These are the main hardware details. But the point is the storage really sucks. I mean the 512MB is barely enough... so if you want to get some real use of that Android video player then you'd better purchase a MicroSD memory card. And on the other hand, even after considering camera, etc the cost is a bit higher.

Anyway if you want to know more about it then go to this viewpad7 official page for more.

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