XP3300 Force, The Phone With the Longest Talk-Time!

OK this is another mobile world congress based news.. Sonim (a tech gadget manufacture who creates "tough" cellphones,you know hard-to-break ones.. can even use it as a weapon ;-)) has just announced a mobile phone called the XP3300 Force which according to them and the dudes at the MWC is the phone that has the longest talk time.

Can you feel it!...

According to Sonim it has a talk time of 24 hours (continuous that is) and 33.5 days of stand-by time. The quad-band GSM phone has been tested for water proof, thermal tests, military standard toughness, dust and salt proof... XP3300 Force is something alright.

It has a ...

*. QVGA 240 x 320  with 2inch display.

*. MP3, AAC, WAV, MPEG-4 and 3gp multimedia formats are supported.

*. GPS, LED torch, 2MP camera.

*. Preloaded with the opera mini browser.

But the rest assured the XP3300 force is not pretty!. It looks like a brick... but for all you tough dudes and dudees out there who wants something like super durable then Sonim has some reputation consider.

Get more from this sonim official product page.

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