Amazon Has Launched Their App Store For Android Users!

Because of the growing popularity of Android based phones, tablets or other devices a lot of electronic device manufactures and service providers are starting to give services of their own for android users all around the world. The latest news is that Amazon themselves has launched an Android app store of their own in which you can purchase various android based apps directly from Amazon.

Currently only US users can purchase items from the store but in the future they would make it available users all around the world (hopefully). Currently they may not have a lot of apps but for a start it is said that they have around 4000 apps available.

Through their service now you can securely download (purchase) movies, audio track, books, games, etc directly to your android phone. According to them, every day you'll be given the change to free download an app that is popular and non-free!. Surely, Amazon knows how to sell "things" without a doubt ;-).

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