Clementine 0.7 Is Finally Out With Few Minor Improvements

Few days ago Clementine 0.7 RC was released and now they've released the official 0.7 version as well!. If you don't know what Clementine is, it is a QT (the default toolkit that's being used develop KDE based software) based music player which is "inspired" by the famous Amarok.

It has a bit similar interface to the Amarok but feels much simpler (which is good for my taste :) ). Few of the new features include...

*. Powerful/featured mp3 tag editor.

*. Edit multiple songs at once.

*. MusicBrainz meta tag fetching support (you know for getting track name, year, artists... stuff like that).

*. Easily track duplicate track via the new "duplicate only" option.

*. Now it has the ability to do a complete rescan of your giant music collection via a single click!.

*. CUE file support.

*. Bug fixes... are just a few to mention.

The PPA developers haven't come up with an update yet, but until that happens you can still manually download the files for both Ubuntu 10.04/ 10.10 and 11.04 through this Google code link.

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