Download "Full Circle", The Community Maintained Free Ubuntu Magazine!

Full Circle is a community maintained Linux magazine that (aimed at Ubuntu actually) in which you can learn various tips and application (games, utilities, etc) reviews, interviews, etc. As said, the cool thing about this magazine is that it is free!.

No cost, no strings attached.... you've got nothing to lose ;-). They've just announced the 47th release of the Full Circle few hours ago. In the downloadable PDF format, you'll find things such as ...

*. Reviews of apps (such as the Piano booster).

*. Top 5 school tools.

*. Ubuntu women (follow the geek Ubuntu gals ;-)).

*. Python programming lessons.

*. LibreOffice tips.

*. e-Book reader utilities for Linux and many more. So if you're new to Linux or just want to know what's happening "out there" in the Community... then Full Circle mag is a great way to experience that, don ya think? :).

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