Hercules eCAFE, Latest Netbook Running Ubuntu Netbook Remix!

Although Ubuntu has made the decision to merge the various distributions together in the future, still the Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a separate project that is especially aimed at the Netbook type computers. Hercules, a UK based company who manufactures various types of entertainment based electronic gadgets, has released a netbook called eCAFE which runs on that Ubuntu netbook.

Although to be honest, it is not the most sexist Netbook I've seen, but still it does come with powerful hardware specifications such as ...

*. 2.4 pounds of weight (according to the manufacture, it is actually 15% lighter than most netbooks!).

*. 16Gb, which can be expanded up to 72Gb in the future.

*. 512MB of RAM.

*. HDMI output.

*. Wi-Fi.

*. 6800 mAh battery which lasts 13+ hours (again according to them).

*. Large keyboard (88% in size when comparing with a standard one).

*. Microphone and a 0.3MP camera.

*. Connections: 3x USB, 1x Headset, 1x Microphone, 1x LAN RJ45, 1x DC-in 12V, 1x External card reader: SD/MMC/SDHC, 1x Internal card reader: SD/SDHC.

*. ARM cortex 800Mhz processor.

*. 10.1 Screen.

It may look small, but it does have the ability to render 1080p HD videos on a 50" TV nonetheless and thanks to the free OS, the price is also pretty decent :).

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