How To Backup Your Log-In Details to Hard Disk in Roboform

If you have a lot of log-ins to remember and hate to type every time you want to log-in to a web site or just hate to remember passwords or anything at all and want one of the best auto log-in filling software available the you should try the Roboform

With Roboform you can keep your passwords or login details in two different ways.

1. Sync them to the Roboform servers where they encrypt it which can be accessed from anywhere or

2. Make backup directly to your hard disk which can be used to restore, let's say after a OS re-installation or re-installation of the software itself.

Even though the first option has its benefits, I personally don't like it. Even with all that encryption ... I still don't feel comfortable leaving my log-in details on someone Else's hdd. So if you're a bit of a geek like me :) and want to easily backup all your login details to your HDD then this is how you do it.

*. Open your Roboform main window (via the notification area or go to, Start Menu -> All programs -> Roboform -> Roboform Editor).

*. Now as can be seen with the below screenshot, click on the "Options" menu.

*. Then from the Options window, choose "User Data" from the left.

*. After clicking User Data, you'll be prompted with the below window, from that click on the "Backup" button and give your desired location (as a safety precaution, try skip the Partition where your windows installation is located).

If you want to restore the settings, then follow all the steps and other than clicking on the Backup button, this time click on the "Restore" and point to your location.

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