Install HardInfo in Ubuntu, View Hardware Information and Run System Benchmarks Graphically

There are few commands that you can use to run few benchmarks in Linux but why the hell you wanna do that since HardInfo does all that graphically for you!. Starting with things like, gathering all of your current hardware informations such as ...

Main interface window

*. Operating system.

*. CPU type and speeds.

*. Installed RAM.

*. Boot information (logs, etc).

*. VGA drivers and hardware details.

*. HDD and Optical drive information.

*. Partitions.

*. Users.

*. Network interfaces, etc.....

But it is not the cool thing about it actually. With HardInfo, you can easily test how well your hardware performs (benchmarks) such as ...

*. Various CPU tests.

*. RAM tests.

*. HDD tests.

*. GPU (VGA card) tests.

*. USB/PCI/CD-DVD device testing.

*. Printers, are just a few to name.

If you have a buggy system, meaning both bad drivers and bad (physically damaged) hardware, then when running these tests, most of the time the system should crash!.

So, benchmark testing is actually a great way to find out how healthy your OS/PC really is as well. If you use Ubuntu then you can easily install it using a Terminal command.

Open your terminal and issue the below command...

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

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