Joli OS, An Ubuntu Based Linux Distro that Can Run in the "Cloud" Space!

Joli is a very simplified Linux which is aimed at being ease of use + will suit for the mini-laptop computers. Don't get fooled by the word "simple", since you can do almost anything with it thanks to the applications that comes with it.

It has a beautiful looking theme and application support but most importantly, recently they've introduced a cloud based version of the Joli OS. So if you want to run a lot of different other software on your PC but simply don't have the HDD space or hardware requirements, then you can run their JoliCloud desktop which does exactly that!. You can run the Cloud desktop directly from your Web-browser as well.

Or, if you still prefer the download-able OS that can be run directly through your PC then why not give Joli OS at try, it is free!. 

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