Longhorn Pack For Linux With Automated Installer (beta)

Most of the Linux users aren't fans of Microsoft but yet everyone is different and we should respect each other for the choices that we make as human beings. So in that sense, even though I like MS "OS" but don't love it... still if you want to make your current Linux OS look like the "forgotten" Windows Longhorn, then you should try the Longhorn pack for Linux!.

It is still in beta, so there is no guarantee that everything will work perfectly. But out of boredom, if you want to totally change how your Linux distro looks like then it is well worth the trouble!.

*. It uses the Nautilus elementary as the file manager. 

*. Comes with Windows icons and wallpapers.

*. Side-bar.

*. Aero style buttons.

*. Windows fonts (I think this is illegal actually, so use it at your own risk).

*. Uses the Emerald theme for Gnome, and be aware that, when you install Longhorn pack, it'll automatically remove the installed Emerald GTK+ themes!. 

How can I install it ?

1. First you have to download it (about 33.2MB in size).

2. Then extract the content to somewhere in your HDD.

3. Then double click the file called "" inside the extracted folder.

4. When asked, choose, "run in Terminal" and follow the instructions on the screen and everything will be installed automatically. :). That's it!.

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