Lubuntu Receives An Even Better Looking Theme Background for the Upcoming 11.04!

If you have an old PC but still want to run Linux on it without slowing it down, then Lubuntu is the answer. It is really fast and especially designed to run well on Old computers. Now most of the time what happens with these type of "projects" is that, as a result of trying to make it faster, we as users usually end up receiving one of the most ugliest looking themes with them!.

This is, no I mean this "was" the case with Lubuntu, until recently they started to do some improvements on the theme and for the upcoming 11.04 Ubuntu release, they've come up something that looks really good in my opinion.

The theme uses the Blue color primarily which is one of the most user friendliest colors of all and when combined with the background, it looks way better than how it looks now. Although they won't give you the theme until the 11.04 releases but until then... you can download the wallpaper from here, and the theme is called Ozone, which was "showed" sometime ago, but the wallpaper is something they've created pretty recently and it looks like they've done some "polishing" to the theme itself as well.

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