Read-Me, A Desktop Based Google Reader Application For Linux!

If you run web sites or just like to know "what's happening out there", then reading news and other what-nots through your RSS news reader is a must these days. But would you just like to use a desktop based app, that when configured, automatically downloads or let you read your news feeds via Google reader?. If so, then you should give a try at Read-Me, which is still pretty new app that let you do exactly that.

As with any reader, managing space is one of the most important of all. Read-Me app does an excellent job of preserving your PC's screen without flooding it with unnecessary buttons, etc. With it you can share or bookmark your favorite "reads" directly through as well.

The developer has released a video which demonstrates its usability and how to use it.

If you use Maverick, then you can download the package via this link. Good luck.

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