Sharing Made Easy, The F1 Extension For Firefox4

I had my issues with the Firefox4 when it was still at beta stage. But no more! it is better in every aspect when comparing with 3.6 (so far). Anyway, Microsoft released the IE9 few days ago and even after some not so cool actions from Google (maybe it's Google's answer for Bing being a bad boy) still they managed to reach 2.3 million downloads within the first day.

Although it is a big number, but did you know that Firefox4 reached 7.1 million downloads the first day it was released!. Ha... suc* on that MS!. Even though most of the add-on/s which were made for Firefox 3.6 won't work work with the version 4, but we are seeing some very inspiring ones already. If you're like me, scared of talking to "real" people ;-), and want to share anything that you find is interesting with your "online" buds... then you should try the F1 extension for Firefox4.

What it does is simple. Let's say that you've found an "interesting" link while browsing the web. Then you can use the F1 add-on for sharing it easy through online services like...

*. Facebook.

*. Twitter.

*. Google Apps.

*. Gmail.

*. Yahoo, etc.

When you locate something interesting, then click on the glowing, Blueish looking "F1" icon on the URL bar to bring the main window....

You can get it from this official F1 page.

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