A Simple Trick To Make Your SoundCard Work In Ubuntu!

Although this is not something unique to Ubuntu, but I've seen it with Fedora Core 14 as well. The reason is simple actually, it is the Gnome volume manager who's behind it :). Now this is what happened on those occasions and if you're having the same issue, then most probably you'd be able to get your sound-card working in Linux in no time!.

When I first install Ubuntu I couldn't get any sounds out of my speakers (OK that's was a stupid way to put it ;-). When I tried playing an audio or video, Totem keep playing them but no sounds and it was basically the same with every application. So what can you do to fix it?.

First of all, if the real reason behind this is a bad sound card or a bad driver, then there is nothing this method can do for you... (sorry about that) but still it is worth giving a try because it only takes 8 seconds I promise!.

To try to fix this (I assume you're using Gnome), from the main menu, go to

System -> Preferences -> Sound

That should bring a graphical audio mixer in Gnome and from that window click on the ...

*. "Output" tab (see the screen-shot below).

Click on "Analog Output / No Amplifier" step 1

From the Drop-down menu, choose, "Analog Output / No Amplifier" (or "Analog Headphones / No Amplifier"), step 2.

*. Then under "Connector", choose "Analog Output / No Amplifier",

if you're using headphones as the default speakers then choose "Analog Headphones / No Amplifier".

Now click "close" to close the window, now go ahead and try to play something if everything went well, you should be hearing some "music" :D.

But as said before, this won't fix all the errors concerning sound issues in Ubuntu, but still it is well worth an effort before starting to panic (yikes ;-)). If you have any problems, then throw me a comment. 


Mateja Kova─Ź said...

I get the same results with "Analog Output / Amplifier (built-in audio)" and "Analog Output / No Amplifier (built-in audio)". Do you know what's the difference between the two modes? I can't seem to find an answer on the web :/

Gayan said...

@Mateja ...,

If you select the 'Analog .../Amplifier ...' option, then the audio manager will let you increase audio level a bit more (same thing as 'volume gain' in audio/video players).

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